Expand your tool box to support your clients to truly transform

Have fun exploring meditation, dreams, or creative expression to add to your expertise. You may receive personal mentoring, join one of the workshops, deepen your skillset through a course program or transform in a Personal Intensive.

CFIT Psychology is a comprehensive program leading towards Embodied Transcendence. It spans exploring the body through movement, transforming psychological states and incorporating spiritual values through meditation and gratitude practices.

CFIT Psychology Fundamentals

Explore the 7 seeds of Xian’s CFIT Psychology model. CFIT Psychology is based on a combination of creative expression with coaching to support clients moving forward in their life. It’s a journey towards an embodiment of unconditional love for self-care. Contact Dr. Xian for more information.

CFIT Movement

Explore the body and it’s messages through dance or yoga by listening deeply within. The body knows how to unravel itself. This process might include art, poetry or journaling.

Currently available through mentorship and Personal Intensive

CFIT Transformational Life Coaching

Change your life by changing within. Understand your psychology in order to undergo a transformational change process. Be ready for an accountability plan based on your inner calling.

Currently available through mentorship and Personal Intensive.

CFIT Meditation

Explore a variety of meditation and breathwork approaches, from sitting to movement. Learn to integrate a 2-minute meditations into your session time, for yourself and your clients. Experiment with different meditation techniques so you can learn which ones to share with your clients as appropriate.

Currently available through mentorship and Personal Intensive.

CFIT Dream Study

Learn the energetics of dreams and find real transformation in dream interpretation. Poetry, art, voice, and dance will be integrated into this explorative study. This course is based on Xian’s years of presenting workshops at Psychology Dream Study conferences.

CFIT Perception

Have your clients talked to you about seeing angels or ghosts? Not all phenomena might be hallucinated. Ancient traditions talk about plant spirits and even Christianity acknowledges visions of angels. Grof & Grof created a pathway of accepting spiritual emergence into the field of psychology. If you are interested learning about phenomena and anomalous experiences and how to handle them, please contact Xian Prem.

On application only.

CFIT Intimacy

Women tend to long for intimacy of the heart. This approach honors the female sensitivity and the male desire to make her happy. CFIT Intimacy is about creating awareness of each other and paying attention to the present moment. You will learn about breath and energy practices that can be incorporated into your intimate connection with yourself or with your partner (with or without intercourse and more so with or without erection).

Currently available through mentorship and Personal Intensive.

CFIT Finance

Explore your financial habits, beliefs and inner program about your finances and how you use resources. This approach is combined with transformational life coaching.

Currently available through mentorship and Personal Intensive.

CFIT Leadership

Discover the art of embodied leadership presence. You will be guided through standing, movement, and voice practices to embody leadership. Furthermore, you will explore embodying presence. Attention skills and quieting the mind through stress reduction relaxation and meditation will be practiced.

Trusting our intuition tends to be the base of our lives. Yet, we rarely acknowledge that we do. This is an encouragement to trust your inner knowing.

Currently available through mentorship and Personal Intensive.